Top 5 reasons you outsource your DBA support

Jon Cowling 05-Feb-2016 15:56:24

Top 5 reasons you outsource your DBA support

1. Because your DBAs need a holiday too. But not just holidays – they need to be paid a full time salary, all the time, regardless of work fluctuations – wouldn’t it be nice if you could have them on a pay as you go basis and you decide when they can have time off?

2. It’s cheaper – think about it…your DBAs probably cost around £50k + the cost of employment – outsourcing this type of support really doesn’t cost you that much

3. Can your internal DBAs support all technologies and versions? Chances are, the younger your DBAs are, the less experience they will have on old database versions. This means the more experienced DBAs will naturally be more expensive. At dsp we don’t penalize our customers for being on older versions of the database and we think you really shouldn’t be paying the price for it either.

4. DBAs need sleep too - If your customers and key stakeholders are accessing your data or critical business applications out of hours then who’s covering when your DBA is asleep? Outsourcing to a 24x7 Oracle support or Microsoft SQL Server support provider takes care of this.

5. Because you can trust dsp, an award winning Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server managed service provider. We meet our SLAs 99% of the time – that’s pretty amazing because it means we can really fulfill our promise to our customers which is to have your database and critical applications experiencing uptime, all the time.

These are just a few reasons to seriously consider outsourcing your IT managed services. We understand that sometimes letting go of such a critical IT support function can be a little daunting but we’re here to make things easy for you – we’re offering a free 2 month, no obligation managed services trial. Call us today or complete this contact form to find out if you qualify.