Why should you outsource your SQL Server DBA duties?

Vic Milne 28-Aug-2020 10:55:00



An increasing number of companies are now choosing to outsource their SQL Server DBA services. Whether this is due to the remote working circumstances of recent months, or because businesses are choosing to focus the attention of their in-house DBAs on innovative new projects rather than keeping the lights on, the change has been noted.

DSP have found several different drivers for the adoption of this service amongst our clients. Here are our top 6 advantages of outsourcing SQL Server DBA services...


1. Eliminating the single point of failure: no need to worry about holidays, illness, or a loss of knowledge.

One of the main drivers for outsourcing core services is alleviating the single point of failure. We've often had clients come to us worried because they are reliant on a single DBA who, despite doing a great job managing their database environments, could at some point fall ill or choose to move on.

To alleviate the pressure on a single DBA and be assured of backup should that person go off sick, or simply to create agility if they are faced with a particularly time-consuming issue, many businesses are looking to remote DBA services. DSP are perfectly placed to back up individual DBAs and provide help, training, or additional insight where needed.


2. Versatile solutions & expert advice regarding complex problems.

Another big driver is that many companies rely on their Sys-Admin to deal with complex problems. Although this method may be adequate when solving problems that require restarts for example, when it comes to the complexity of SQL Server businesses really do benefit from external expertise. DSP can provide a team of highly accredited SQL DBAs who will tackle the deep-dive work that a Sys-Admin may not have the experience or skill set to achieve.


3. Support for companies with insufficient resources to effectively manage innovation on top of BAU tasks.

Unsurprisingly, BAU (business as usual) management comes out high on this list. If you have several internal projects looming, or an intensive project taking up the time and energy of your DBAs, we can pick up the slack and take care of running your BAU tasks so your DBAs can concentrate on intensive projects and innovation within your environment.

If your priority is working on innovative new projects but BAU tasks are becoming a hindrance, our specialist team can take care of your BAU work and introduce revolutionary solutions to improve your business stature.


4. Knowledge building and support from experienced specialists.

Where your DBA team is predominantly new to the job, you may also require the assistance of experienced SQL Server specialists to provide knowledge and extra support. You can look to have your team learn from our highly skilled consultants and almost use it as a knowledge transfer for any issues that they want to raise with us, whilst we take care of other elements of your estate.


5. Better use of your data through the use of Machine Learning, data mining and warehousing, and data consolidation.

DSP are expanding our Data Science team and constantly exploring how the vast capabilities of AI and Machine Learning can be applied to SQL managed service requirements. If you’re looking to explore new, innovative areas of the Managed Service spectrum – including working with Azure Data Warehouse, Big Data, and Power BI to name a few – we can provide expertise and ideas that suit your business objectives, and build an agile and high-performing estate to suit your needs.


6. Out-of-hours cover guaranteed.

The final predominant reason that companies often search for SQL Server DBA support is out-of-hours cover. If you have one or two DBAs working throughout the day, how do you ensure that their time is accounted for if something goes wrong outside of normal working hours? DSP can provide a solution by supplying your in-house SQL DBAs with the support they require so the strain on them is somewhat alleviated, and you can be confident that you have access to around-the-clock support. Our SQL DBAs are highly accredited and have years of expertise so you can trust that your databases are in safe hands.


For more information on the Managed Services features we offer, why not sign up for our next webinar on Remote SQL DBA services? Or get in touch with one of the DSP team by emailing enquiries@dsp.co.uk, or give us a call.