Top 6 reasons why Clients call us for DBA Support

Jon Cowling 05-Feb-2016 15:59:31

Top 6 reasons why Clients call us for DBA Support

As Oracle Database, E-Business SuiteMicrosoft SQL Server specialists and Managed Service providers there are a number of reasons why we get inbound enquiries for our services. One of our Business Development Managers talks us through DSP’s top 6:

1. To compare prices / Guidelines on getting 3 quotes – Government legislation or board level insistence that each service provider’s pricing needs to be periodically checked for competitiveness

2. Existing Supplier Problems – recent changes in their incumbent’s operation has caused the service to dip, usually at a critical time for that client

3. Technology Change – a new ERP system or other line of business application is to be implemented, limited skills internally to support or implement the new database environment

4. Cost and/or Staff reduction – Cutbacks forcing alternative methods of service delivery

5. Expansion and Scalability – Foreseen business growth doesn’t match current resource workloads

6. Service Continuity – 24*7 cover, holiday cover and 3rd line support for issues beyond the technical capability of internal resource

These are generic requirements that bring clients to review their DBA support set-up. In-bound enquirers generally do a search engine search and research suitable bidders.

This is where DSP and our competitors come into play. But what happens then? Why do our prospects choose to use DSP over others in the marketplace? Common reasons include:

1. People – they enjoy doing business with us, like how we work and can see a long term relationship working well

2. Credibility – They see our market awards and the kinds of clients we currently serve

3. Service Levels – They notice what we contractually commit to differs from our competitors and are negotiable

4. Capability – all in all they buy into our ability to deliver technical support at a high level

Few companies actually buy off us because of our specific Monitoring platform – or because they want just for 24*7 or 3rd line support. They use us as a strategic long term partner, not a commodity service provider. Interesting. Well I think so anyway …