The Benefits of Outsourcing Consultancy - A Fresh Perspective

Jon Cowling 05-Feb-2016 15:23:02

The Benefits of Outsourcing Consultancy – A Fresh Perspective

In today’s world business owners are constantly searching for ways to be budget conscious and reduce costs; without losing quality.

Outsourcing certain aspects of your business may be one solid way to save money without sacrificing results. Your company gets the benefits of expert knowledge without having to build a specialised internal department.

Many companies, especially smaller businesses, outsource functions such as HR, accounting, and IT. IT is an area where you can definitely find savings. Of course technology plays a vital role in everything from your phone system to your website, your sales department to your data and network security. This is not a place where you want to risk cutting corners to save a few pennies. But hiring the right IT consultant firm can help you meet your needs, keep your IT systems up to date, and provide round-the-clock support for much less money than having an in-house department.

Whether you own a small company without the resources for an on-site IT department or are part of a larger firm that wants to improve IT results, here are some problems areas you can avoid by outsourcing your IT needs:

1. Staffing Costs

Creating an IT department and hiring the right people can be an expensive prospect. You spend time and money recruiting and hopefully finding the right candidates for the skills you need. Then you have to stay competitive with rising salaries to keep your IT professionals from going to competitors.

Even if you have a great company with competitive pay, turnover in the IT industry is high. The average length of employment is just under a year, so recruitment will be an ongoing concern. Outsourcing your IT department avoids these costs. You’ll pay a fixed contract rate for all of your IT needs and avoid the hassles of trying to find and retain good people.

2. Professional Development

The IT world changes fast and you need a team that is up-to-date with current standards and industry expectations. The only way to keep an in-house team current is to provide constant training and professional development opportunities, which can be costly and take time away from work projects.

If you work with an external company they will provide the skills you need to get the job done and you can let them worry about keeping up with the latest IT changes.

3. Skill Gaps

With an in-house team, you run a risk of having an expertise gap if someone leaves the team or you launch a new product requiring a different focus. If you are a small company with only one or two IT employees, this is even more of a risk. The IT world is complicated and changes very quickly, so it’s impossible for one person to keep up with it all.

An IT company can provide knowledgeable experts to meet your specific needs. IT is their only focus, so they can hire people with a wide range of skills to match all of their clients’ demands. And you can shop around until you find the IT outsourcing company with the best focus to fit with your company’s goals. Even if you have a small dedicated IT team, you can still benefit from hiring an IT consulting firm if you find you need access to a professional skill not found in your organisation.

Outsourcing IT services can free up time and resources, having a positive effect on your business and leading to improved growth and efficiency in all operations. This not only saves money, but can help you focus more on your company’s ongoing success.

IT consulting firms focus exclusively on IT so that you can focus your company resources on what you do best. A great IT consulting company follows best practices and keeps up with innovation so that you have the most reliable, efficient IT services with minimal hassle.

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