Top 10 reasons why you need Oracle Support this summer

Jon Cowling 05-Feb-2016 15:54:05

Top 10 reasons why you need Oracle Support this summer

We have been thinking a lot at DSP about why should companies have Oracle support this summer. We came up with a whole host of reasons with some more important than others, but these are very common issues that every company faces and should have some plans about how they can resolve them. Also it’s a well-known fact business internal IT resources often start to feel the strain during the ever critical summer months and with the upcoming World Cup in Brazil this is likely to be amplified.

So here’s the Top 10 reasons why people companies should have Oracle Support this summer:

  1.  DBA’s are more likely to take holiday during this period. But not just holidays – they need to be paid a full time salary, all the time, regardless of work fluctuations.
  2.  Sickness, paternity and maternity leave. People get ill and sometimes they have children both of which you will have to accomodate for, making sure there duties are covered for the period they are away.
  3.  Over stretched with the increase in demand. With seasonal peaks and troughs you may need extra support just for a short time, hiring an extra full time DBA would be ineffecient.
  4.  A new applications require specialist Oracle skills. You've just got a new application which is fantastic but getting it to integrate seamlessly and keeping it running will take specialist skills.
  5.  Current in-house team engaged on other projects. Got an exciting big project for your DBAs? who is going to be looking at the mundane business as usual montoring?
  6.  The importance of for 24/7 support. If your customers and key stakeholders are accessing your data or critical business applications out of hours then who’s covering when your DBA is asleep?
  7.  Mission critical system support with regular backup. These systems are the core of your business, if they go down you can be in all sorts of trouble. Having a dedicated service making sure this doesnt happen can bring needed peace of mind.
  8.  Cost - hiring a team of DBAs to cover 24/7 is a lot more than outsourcing a service. Think about it…your DBAs probably cost around £50k + the cost of employment – outsourcing this type of support really doesn’t cost you that much
  9.  Movers and Leavers – Loss of knowledge and lengthy replacement time. People move on and they take a lot of knowledge with them especially if everything isn't documented making them difficult to replace. A DBA service all knowledge remains  regardless of who leaves or joins.
  10.  Most importantly the World cup is on - there's no doubt staff are going to watch it.

If any of these strike a chord then we’d love to talk further. As such, we have setup a special short-term ‘Summer Cover’ service (minimum 2 weeks) to cater for holiday cover and assistance during the World Cup.

As a little extra, here’s our Top 5 World Cup Sickness Excuses…

  1.  “The sound of 20,000 Vuvuzela’s kept me awake all night!”
  2.  “I missed the last train back from Brazil!”
  3.  “I thought we got the day off of if Brazil won”
  4.  “But it is eight o’clock ... in Brazil”
  5.  “You know penalties always make me sick!”

These are just a few reasons to seriously consider outsourcing your IT managed services. We understand that sometimes letting go of such a critical IT support function can be a little daunting but we’re here to make things easy for you – If you can’t commit without testing, then that can be arranged immediately and if you’re simply interested to see how we marry Cloud Computing and Oracle Support Expertise into simple and effective services, then please ask us.