If Plato was an IT Director – he’d probably use dsp

Jon Cowling 11-Feb-2016 16:09:45

If Plato was an IT Director – he’d probably use DSP

One of Plato’s works called ‘Meno’, was on the differences between having ‘Knowledge’ and having just an ‘opinion’ (or belief). The most famous dialogue in this work was 'The Road to Larissa'.

It goes like this

1. A person has knowledge of how to get to Larissa because he’s walked it several times before and experienced it first-hand. This is true Knowledge

2. A person who is aware of the route to Larissa because someone’s told him, merely has an opinion or belief, because he hasn't experienced the journey first hand. He does NOT possess knowledge on how to get to Larissa.

It’s important to realise that both scenarios may be correct – but the second person’s value to the person asking directions will be significantly less!
What’s this got to do with dsp, or Database Consultancy? Why are you quoting Ancient Greek Philosophy on a blog from a Database Service Provider!!? Well… it’s something we come across time and time again.

Our consultants have architect and deployed very complex Oracle and SQL environments to fit specific client requirements. They have walked the road time and time again, because they do it day in day out!

A good Database Consultancy will differ from a generic service provider for this exact reason – that they don’t just have an opinion or belief they can do it, they actually have the knowledge and experience and have done in before.

This is the reason why we work in collaboration with System Integrators, Global Service Providers, Solution Providers and Datacentre/Cloud providers. They may have some SQL or Oracle skills in-house, but the risk of not having the right knowledge and experience of architecting and implementing a new Database Solution is way too great for them not to pay for external assistance.

They need someone who’s been to Larissa and back time and time again!

So if you ever want to go to Larissa, or need a new Database Infrastructure deployed, let us know and we’ll either point to you to a good travel agent or help scope your exact requirement.