Saving the world – One Database at a time

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 11:08:15

Saving the world - One Database at a time!

This is quite a busy period for dsp. This year, having won numerous Oracle Gold awards at the UKOUG, being one of four Microsoft Finalists for their Worldwide Data Platform Partner of the year, means the demands for our services have never been greater.

So looking at some of the clients we work with, we can safely say (with a bit of exaggerated irony), that we have, in fact saved the world countless times!

Examples such as:

Major Lingerie Retailer – We have helped keep their core systems up and running through effective managed services – enabling their customer’s facilitate the procreation of new life

Large NHS Trust / Hospital – Our SQL Consultants have helped reduce waiting times and in-patient efficiency by speeding up their core systems – enabling the Trust to save lives and deliver new life into this world

Delivering A-Level and GCSE Results to school leavers – Our services enabled Education service providers mark grades and deliver those results to 16-18 year olds – thus ensuring the security of their future

Nationwide Youth Training and Charitable organisation – We helped consolidate and reduce costs through Cloud technology – which in turn made more funds available to train Youths and young adults for better paying jobs

Hedge Funds and Private Investment Organisations – Our Consultants performance tuned and maintained high end systems – thus driving the UK’s economy, directly taking the UK out of the recession

Just a few examples on how dsp – a modest, sincere organisation providing good quality Managed and Professional Services for Database technology, has single handily saved the world…. We have saved and created countless lives, made life better, given our youth a standing start in life and have secured the global economy.

So next time you need to expand your DBA team, or need your data platform to be highly performant and/or available, give us a call and we will save the world. Again.