Filling the gaps in an E-Business Suite Operation

Jon Cowling 03-Feb-2016 09:49:15

Filling the gaps in an E-Business Suite Operation

Anyone who knows Oracle E-Business Suite will know it’s comes with an overhead. From a support, implementation and operational perspective.

A typical organisation will rely on a team of Functional Support staff, Developers, Application DBA’s and Tech DBA’s.

The Challenge

is business demand, growth and change isn’t always predictable, and when it is, responding to it effectively isn’t always viable. New Application security threats are released, the business makes an acquisition, suffers seasonal peaks, headcount growth, staff leavers etc. all affect an IT department’s ability to keep the lights on.

The Solution

dsp have a pre-packaged service to help organisations who use Oracle E-Business Suite. With a focus on HR and Financial Applications, our team can provide your team the following.

Technical DBA Support

We have a team of Oracle DBA’s who can ‘top up’ your team as and when required. Engagements can be customised to palm off specific BAU tasks (such as Patching or CPU/Storage Monitoring), 3rd line support, or full management of discrete or mainstream databases.

Functional Application Support

We have a team of Developers, Application DBA’s and Functional Consultants who can ensure your customisations stay working, maintain applications and respond to end-user incidents. Again, the work could be to ‘prop up’ your team in times of need, or be integrated to take over Functional Support as a service.

Development and Customisations

dsp have a team of Developers who can add, change or amend any part of your E-Business Suite implementation. Engagements could be either one-off or pre-packaged based on pre-purchase ‘dspTime’ to be called off as and when needed.

The Catch

The benefits our Managed Services brings is that you get higher levels of service for a fixed or pre-agreed price. We remove the indirect costs and risks in running or expanding an in-house team. And because we already do this and have the team in place, there is no catch.