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Managed Services and the Cloud
An interesting comment left in response to our survey...
"...Consider this; a Cloud platform is stored in an ultra-secure datacentre in the UK, protected by 3 metre high fences, anti-tailgating systems, 6-layer biometric scanning entry points, 24/7 guards, state-of-the-art physical and virtual firewalls, and the best fire-suppression systems. We then encrypt all data using 256bit AES encryption (Banking level), meaning even if a hacker did manage to get into the data centre, physically or over the Internet, they would then have to decrypt the data... the same encryption technology used for on-line banking....Compare that to your Server, sitting in your office, protected by maybe a lock on the door? No encryption, basic Windows virtual firewall, and a relatively open connection to the Internet, and no-one guarding it when everyone has gone home for the day/weekend... Suddenly your Server doesn't seem so secure!"

Let us know your thoughts on the no.1 barrier for implementing cloud based solutions by leaving a comment below.

Managed IT Services, whether on a cloud environment or not, is one of the most critical decisions for an organisation. Watch out for our upcoming research report...

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