Bulk up your Business Case for Oracle Cloud Migration

Phil Brown Apr 23, 2020 4:24:19 PM

A migration to Oracle Cloud is usually proceeded by a business case and having worked with Oracle Cloud for some time we’ve seen several reasons why customers have chosen to move. This blog post aims to enhance your own business case for Oracle Cloud Migration by outlining key benefits and questions your organisation should be asking itself.

Oracle Cloud Migration - Business Case - Oracle Technology Consumption

If you’re a large consumer of Oracle technology you’re probably looking to assess the different consumption models now available with Public Cloud.  Oracle’s history as a software vendor meant that its products were designed to work on multiple platforms.  This deployment model hasn’t changed with the onset of Cloud with Oracle being a certified platform across a number of core Cloud vendors; Oracle, Azure and AWS.

If you’re goal is to change the way you consume Oracle technology and move from a Capex to an Opex model, then Cloud is a very simple enabler in that process.  In the same way Cloud created an infrastructure consumption model for resources, (compute and storage billed by the hour), the same has now been applied to Oracle technology.  Not all Clouds are enabled to allow hourly Oracle software consumption and it currently sits with AWS and Oracle.  However, as the recent strategic partnerships with Oracle and Microsoft have developed this will most likely change.  It’s worth highlighting that you can already purchase SQL Server licenses through Oracle Cloud as an hourly resource.         

When looking at the business case to change your Oracle technology consumption model here are some questions to consider:

  • What is your current licensing footprint?
  • What is the cost of your Oracle support renewal?
  • What Oracle technology do you consume now?
  • Will your Oracle technology consumption change?
  • Do you want to reduce your spend on Oracle technology?

Your goal for commercial changes around consumption of Oracle technology will always be linked to the technical changes, and therefore you need to ensure that the two are aligned; from a technical perspective you need to ascertain:

  • Have you seen the different consumption models and platforms for Oracle technology?
  • Do you understand how Oracle technology is deployed in the different public clouds?
  • Did you know that Oracle provide a variety of technology deployment models Virtual Machine, Bare Metal, Engineered Solution and Autonomous?
  • Have you seen the different feature license packages available in Oracle Cloud?
  • How does the pay for what you use work in relation to provisioning and consuming databases?

When you’re looking to migrate to Public Cloud you need to ensure you have a clear understanding of both the commercial and technical changes. DSP-Explorer can assist you with building the business case by providing you with clear concise pricing; solution architecture skills; migration services and on-going support. 

DSP-Explorer have two decades of Oracle experience, and we have become renown in the industry for our Oracle Cloud Migration skills. We have also been recognised by Oracle for our Oracle Cloud achievements by recently winning the ‘Oracle Digital Partner of the Year 2020’, which is credit to our innovative, experienced team.

Please see our case study on Bridon Bekaert: Ropes Group, which explains how migrating to Oracle Cloud saved them significant costs and allowed them to operate a flexible environment which works to their business needs.


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