Migrating to Cloud? Meet Oracle Bitesize.

Vic Milne Apr 2, 2019 10:47:48 AM

My last post focused on WHY businesses should consider modernising by migrating to Oracle cloud.  Thus far our Oracle blogs series has discussed, to name a few, triggers for migration; securing the correct licensing; and whether Cloud is ready to host your ERP.  So now you’ve decided to start your move, where do you begin?

DSP-Explorer have designed two ‘Bitesize’ plans to make your move smooth and stress-free: Oracle Cloud Bitesize and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Bitesize.


Migration done properly

Any Cloud consultant worth their salt will attest that a successful migration relies on carefully planned stages.  Migrating your non-critical apps first will allow your tech team to work out any kinks while they remain easy to solve, and put your mind at ease regarding the security of your data.

You wouldn’t sell your house, buy another, and move all in a day – take the time to set out your migration plan and spread out the process so you don’t pack the car keys in with your winter coats.

DSP-Explorer’s Bitesize plans show you how to navigate this process at a pace that suits businesses brand new to Cloud.  Initially we provide an Orientation Workshop where you will have the chance to ask any and all of your burning questions to our experts face-to-face.

Once you feel confident that you understand the process we will execute a miniature Bitesize deployment as Proof of Value; and finally, we guarantee ongoing technical support for the duration of your migration.


The Process

Our current two Bitesize options function in slightly different ways depending on whether you choose to move to OCI or ADWH, but the basic 3 step plan remains the same.


  • An overview of the Oracle Cloud system, its capabilities and how it differs from other Public Clouds
  • Opportunity to explore different use case scenarios to support your business and strategy
  • Support in making informed decisions about the use of Public Cloud technologies
  • Answers to your commercial and technical questions
  • Digital versions of our presentations and resources to share with your colleagues


Proof of Value

Step one may have given you the chance to ask our expert Cloud consultants to explain the finer points of Cloud migration, but we know the proof really is in the pudding.  That’s why our next step is to offer a Proof of Value: we will introduce a bitesize instance of Oracle Cloud/ADWH to your organisation.

  • Set up your chosen Oracle Bitesize environment and configure the connectivity
  • Introduce your staff to the new environment
  • Demonstrate functionality and performance in a Cloud environment
  • Test various back-up and DR scenarios
  • First-hand experience of your chosen option working in the Cloud


Ongoing Technical Support

Finally, we will help you fully roadmap your migration using assets like our Oracle Cloud Calculator, discuss options for the future, and explore how to get the most out of Oracle Cloud for your business.

  • Access to support for your Bitesize instance
  • Ability to raise support tickets and get your questions answered
  • Support in developing a roadmap for your organisation’s Oracle Cloud strategy, including first move recommendations
  • Exploration of the benefits of wider Cloud migration and total cost of ownership
  • Support in running a range of scenarios through our Oracle Cloud Calculator and comparison to AWS
  • Documentation that enables you to internally champion the value of Oracle Cloud adoption


Whether you want to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or its younger, faster cousin Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, remember – successful migrations start small.

For more information about migration to Oracle Cloud or to speak to DSP-Explorer’s Cloud consultancy experts, contact us today.

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