dsp – work hard, play hard and a fun place to work!

Jon Cowling 11-Feb-2016 15:50:10

DSP – work hard, play hard and a fun place to work!

There are worst places to work than DSP. Everyone works hard to ensure DSP are the best at what they do. But as importantly, the people make DSP what it is today – including, if not especially the board. Things that make the place a fun place to work, I’ve listed a few quotes, questions, comments that are often day to day banter in-between us keeping clients’ core critical systems up and running:

On tear jerking Thank-you’s…

Support Analyst - A year has passed since I joined DSP and it has honestly been one of the best years of my life!... Who knew work could be so fun.

On stupid questions …

Sales Person - What would you rather be attacked by; a horse sized duck, or 20 duck sized horses?

On stealing stationary…

Director 1 – Did you steal my pen again? Can’t believe you stole my pen. That’s my pen!
Director 2 – Well I own the company and therefore, technically, it’s MY pen!

On fitting in

Junior Support Analyst – only when I started going out drinking with you guys, did I truly feel at home at DSP.

On inappropriate answers

Sales person 1 – I’m working on a critical tender with a tight deadline. Who’s the best consultant we’ve got for Single Sign-on?
Sales person 2 – Is that a dating website?

On professional support, pressure and achievement

Junior Consultant - As much as I am very proud of my recent achievements, I have to humbly admit if it was not for the opportunity at DSP I would not have achieved what I did in the short space of time I had.

On Office Cakes (more or less a daily occurrence)

DBA - …but don’t thank me, thank my mum’s school’s staff room which is apparently overloaded with cake so has some spare for DSP

On the first thing to say in a New Prospect meeting

Director – ooh. Got a warm seat!

On the last thing to say when a New Business Prospect comes to dsp for a final meeting

Director (opening up a boardroom cupboard of booze)– fancy a wee dram of whiskey before you head off?

On really nice client feedback

Client – you know, I really enjoy doing business with DSP. Everytime it’s always a pleasure!

On the White Swan, local pub

Barman - You guys are our favourite patrons! Always great to have you in