Work experience with the dsp Managed Services Team

Jon Cowling 05-Feb-2016 16:32:24

Work experience with the DSP Managed Services Team

Last month DSP took on a young Computer Science student for work experience. Here is what she had to say about her experience with our Managed Services team...

“In January, when I was thinking of my summer, I pictured myself in the fast food restaurant where I worked for the past 4 years. I would never imagine that I would spend 6 weeks 5000km from where I live in Quebec. I’ve been studying in Computer Sciences for the past 2 years and I’ve always wished to be able have work experience in an IT company. This opportunity was offered to me by a wonderful company: DSP.

The people at dsp welcomed me with open arms and generosity. The atmosphere in the office is fantastic and I felt like I had a place of my own in the company even though I just arrived. Everybody was helpful, supportive and attentive. However, I need to highlight three people in my team which helped me to get a grasp of what is really happening at DSP and how we manage to keep the databases of the client uptime, all the time.

When I arrived, I had no other experience than what I learned in my studies. I was eager to learn everything I could. Marcus, Head of the Service Desk, was the first person I met in the Service Desk Team. He accepted to take me on his team even though my English-speaking skills are not at an ideal level to work in an enterprise. The province of Canada where I am from is in the French speaking region and although I couldn’t always understand everything when my colleagues were speaking to me, I was impressed and grateful of how much patience the Service Desk team had towards me. Marcus was really open to help me improve myself, not only in my database knowledge but also in my English speaking skills. That is, for me, a great demonstration of how much he is open to help everyone as much as he can. He really takes the time to make sure all of his team reach their full potential and perform to the best of their ability… or just make them realise they have these abilities they never thought they had before. Throughout this entire month in the company, I had the chance to learn more about him and I believe he is the kind of man that every company should have. He is someone that makes sure the person he is managing understands, and if it is not the case, he’ll re-explain it without any signs of impatience. Tom and Jermaine were also on our great team. They were both very helpful to me because when Marcus wasn’t in the office, they were the one replying to all my questions patiently. I can’t say thank you to them enough for the wonderful experience I had the amazing opportunity to live.

My work experience for a whole month at DSP has confirmed my choice of career even though IT is a man’s world which is full of challenges for a girl. I’ve learn so much here and I definitely wants to work in a company similar to DSP when I’ll finish university. We always get to learn more and more, and this is what attracts me in the IT world. We never know everything!

I will never forget dsp,

Marie-Philippe Gill”