DSP Internship: A year in the life

Isabel Clifton 14-Apr-2022 16:38:47

At DSP we run multiple internship programmes across the business. Whether it's part of a University placement or for those wanting to gain valuable work experience, we provide internships in a professional work environment where an individual can develop valuable skills for their future. 

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For this blog, we asked some of our current interns to give us an insight into their experiences at DSP over the last year.

Here's what they had to say...


Data Engineer Internship

Jasline Mwita

As I reflect on my journey as a Data Engineer Intern at DSP, I am saddened that I have to leave so soon, thrilled by what the journey has been and on top of that, I already feel deep nostalgia.

I moved from Kenya to pursue a master’s in Data Science and Analytics at the University of Hertfordshire last year. The program had an opportunity for a placement for anyone who passed their first exam on the first attempt. After qualifying for placement, the bigger task was getting one. After completing my interview, I was so excited when I got my acceptance.

I vividly recall my induction process at DSP. Never have I worked with a team so supportive before. Between my manager, team lead and teammates, my whole journey has been so impactful working with amazing people and gaining such valuable experience. I have grown so much within my time as an intern and I leave a different person in the best way.

I had an opportunity to develop my technical skills. Working with PowerBI on reporting was major. I worked on some reports that were used within the company and this was very meaningful as my efforts felt validated. I also got to work with APIs, using them to access data and pull it into PowerBI for analysis. Working with Cherwell was a very refreshing experience as well. I also got to work with databases, both Oracle ADW and Azure. I was able to write SQL scripts to analyse data within the database, delete from the database and double-check for accuracy. This was initially a steep learning curve, but I got to work directly with my manager Dev, who was so helpful in directing me to push myself and in that process, I learned so much.

I also had an opportunity to develop my soft skills, which was so valuable. I will never forget our team meetings in which my manager would come up with new activities each week that would help develop our soft skills. A vivid example was when he highlighted the importance of making SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic) goals. Which is an acronym I’ve used often ever since. We also had beneficial team lunches each month. Here we got to meet and interact in person, solve problems, laugh, share a meal and above all, work together. I also had an opportunity to attend two company socials which were ever so lovely. Meeting other colleagues who weren’t in my team was amazing!

This internship has restated my fervour for data engineering, I am thankful that my work left some traction for future projects. The research and development phase, the documentation, the communication skills required to interact with different stakeholders, and my overall curiosity and love for using data to solve business challenges (to name a few) have all contributed to my interest in data engineering as a field. Even as I leave DSP to complete my master's, I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.


Matty Elliott

I moved to Nottingham for my internship, the location of my house is only a 5-minute walk to the office which made it very easy to commute. When I started, everyone was very friendly and put in the effort to get to know me.

At first, I had to learn the ropes of being a Data Engineer in a professional environment. This involved reading through articles and watching informative videos to understand certain software and practices that I had not used previously.

Our team has daily "stand-ups" in which we discuss work we have completed and our present tasks. This helps us stay on track and seek out any help or guidance if needed. 

During my internship, I have had lots of opportunities to complete tasks and learn new skills. For example, I was tasked with programming an API (Application Programming Interface) in Java that retrieved budget data from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). I had used Java a little in the past, but the API included lots of new syntax. This gave me the opportunity to learn new syntax in Java and be exposed to Oracle's API.

I also got the opportunity to take, and pass, the GCP associate cloud engineering exam which has helped diversify my knowledge of cloud technology.

I spent some time as part of the Development team, creating bespoke applications for our customers. The first thing I did was rewrite all the foundation and advanced Oracle APEX training material we provide as a service. Not only did this benefit the development team, but it also helped my understanding of APEX, which I needed for later work.

On top of the professional opportunities and experience, I also enjoy the social side of my internship. I've established a highly competitive, office table tennis tournament (which I will definitely win before I leave). I also enjoy the regular company socials as a chance to travel to different offices and interact with new people within the company I don't normally speak to.

Overall my internship has given me extremely valuable work experience prior to graduating, amazing relationships within the company, and software knowledge that will definitely benefit me in the future as a Data Engineer.


Marketing Internship

Isabel Clifton

Currently, I am completing a Marketing Internship as a part of my placement year studying Business Management and Marketing at Nottingham Trent University. The process of finding a placement can be very stressful and daunting; however, DSP put me at ease. The team took me on despite having no prior experience in a professional marketing role, with the intention of teaching me everything

From the start, I have been trusted with responsibilities alongside helpful guidance from my team.

Over the last year, I've worked on many projects such as organising and managing live webinars, writing and publishing blogs and running the company's social media accounts. I have even been responsible for planning and organising a Christmas social in Nottingham!

This internship has provided me with a range of transferable Marketing skills I wouldn't have gained anywhere else and the team has pushed me to work independently and put my own ideas forward, encouraging creativity and leadership.

Outside of marketing, I have learnt a lot about an entirely new industry and, through my work, I have created content on subjects I didn't even know existed before I started. I really enjoyed learning about lots of new technology and diving into the world of Oracle.

My colleagues have been so welcoming and helpful and I have enjoyed being able to travel to the Leeds and London offices to work and attend company socials with a wide range of people.

This internship has provided me with extremely valuable marketing and work experience and I have definitely enjoyed myself in the process.


Marketing Director, Jonathan Cowling explains:

I believe it's important that we give students the opportunity to gain real world experiences from businesses. A good internship can define an individual's career which is why we do everything we can to ensure our interns get the most out of their experience with us.


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