Succeeding in the Customer Experience Era

Jon Cowling 11-Feb-2016 10:39:07

Succeeding in the Customer Experience Era

One of our Oracle Consultants is an advocate for customer experience, here are his thoughts on the subject.

"Success in business is often attributed to great leadership, or the contribution made by its employees, or simply having a great product. But the biggest contributor is often not recognised in the board room or the shop floor and that is the business' customers. This often untapped and underappreciated source of knowledge, opinions and experience is a great bolster to any business.

However, mining into the Customer Experience, or “CX”, is becoming big business with more and more UK companies utilising the value of feedback, whether positive or negative. Oracle has recognised this in its products and in the investment in the Oracle user group programmes, e.g. UKOUG, bringing empowerment and great lines of communication between the clients and the suppliers."

"By empowering customers and employees, breaking down organisational silos, and implementing flexible processes and technology tools, organisations can deliver personalised, seamless customer service through the entire experience lifecycle."
—David Vap
Group Vice President, Oracle

Customer service and customer experience are central to DSP and we are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the UKOUG Oracle Database Partner of the Year Award.

These awards really mean a lot to DSP and in order to win we need your gold vote.
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Voting will close 13th September 2013 at midnight.
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