What Makes dsp great?... great employees!

Jon Cowling 12-Feb-2016 11:19:19

What makes DSP great?... great employees!

DSP realise that to find and retain some of the greatest minds in our industry is hard – not only hard but sometimes impossible. This is not just SQL and Oracle DBAs, Architects, Consultants but Marketing, Sales and Back Office functions as well.

One thing we strive to do is not only find the best people, but people who are right for DSP, to be part of our family and to help us save the world one database at a time. We want great people, but we also want good people who we can make great.

So what does it take to make it at dsp?

Passion -You need to have real enthusiasm and passion for what you do. It drives you every day and with it our fantastic customers and stories. A real optimist with vision of the end game.

Trusted Advisor -Open and honest attitude to all that you do. Helping our clients in an ethical and forthright manner is core to DSP.

Personable -A person who is real character and enjoys having fun and can articulate ideas well.

Following these principles we are proud to say that DSP has a team of hard working, passionate, personable but more importantly industry leading experts across all divisions to bring our customers the award winning service DSP is known for.