Data Science is evolving...don't just take our word for it

David Harris 19-Oct-2021 10:14:52

One of the key takeaways from Google’s, Next ’21 event last week, was just how much they view helping companies to unlock the value of their data to be one of their key strategic goals.

This blog from Gerrit Kazmaier (VP & General Manager Databases, Analytics & Looker) covers 6 new features and enhancements to Google's data platform which will help companies to achieve their data science goals.

At DSP-Explorer we believe that the journey towards true democratisation of data has just started and that while all businesses can benefit from unlocking the value inherent in their data… not all businesses have the keys, or even know where to start looking for them.

Our free-of-charge Data Science Workshop helps companies who are embarking on their data science journey to frame the challenges and select the most appropriate use cases to address first. Learn more about our Data Science Services and how we can set you up to start acquiring valuable insights for your business.

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