Getting to grips with Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant

Jason Beattie 01-Oct-2021 16:02:50

The Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant (OEDA) tool is used to perform the initial Oracle Exadata Database Machine configuration.

Here you will:


You can download the OEDA from the Oracle Technology Network, ensure you download the Linux version to run relevant scripts on the Exadata once the system is imaged with the correct hardware networking.


Installing and running OEDA on Windows

After downloading the patch from Oracle Technology Network (OTN). Unzip the downloaded file and save it to a location on your disk, ensure the path doesn’t contain any spaces as the installation will fail.

For example, C:\temp\oeda not C:\temp\oeda oracle configurator

OEDA blog 2

To install the OEDA Server run installOedaServer.cmd.

OEDA blog 3

Let’s take look at the Configurator...

OEDA blog 4

Each tab explained:


Using the OEDA tool post-deployment

The OEDA tool can also be used once the system is deployed. Do not remove the XML file from the original deployment as this can be used to make system and cluster changes or additions.

From personal experience always ensure you are using the most recent version of the OEDA to avoid conflicts when running the tool. You may also find at times the import of an old XML file doesn’t work. In these instances, find an older version and use this as a staging point.

Here are two of the tools you can use from the OEDA, which will make your life easier.

Adding a VM Cluster to Oracle Exadata Database Machine using OEDA

  1. Ensure you have the available resources to make the addition (Memory, CPU and Storage)
  2. Download the Latest OEDA and import the original databasemachinr.xml and add the new cluster details
  3. Run the (OEDA) against the new cluster.xml

When upgrading a virtualised Exadata environment these steps are not currently documented by Oracle. If you are looking at adding a new cluster into a virtualised KVM based environment (X8M or X9M) please email us at or book a meeting...

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Alternatively, read our Oracle Exadata Services for more information on our Exadata capabilities. We are proud to be the reigning Oracle Exadata Partner of the Year with Expertise in Exadata Database Machine. 

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