What does your Database Administrator DBA do?

For mid-sized organisations –perhaps between 300 and 3000 computer users, typically a Database Administrator is employed to look after an Oracle or Microsoft SQL Database.

This specialist may have come from an IT generalist role, or may have trained specifically to become a specialist.

We often take on new customers who’ve had a DBA for a long time. And I’m not saying this is the norm, but as an extreme case, this poses some problems like:

- Non-standard Backup Processes – is the DBA the only person who understands how to recover the data platform and individual databases?
- Poor Documentation - If a new DBA is required, or the team needs to expand, will it take 6 months to get newbies up to speed?
- Infrastructure and Cost Impact – On a more critical note, with the way the above work is carried out, is this costing the organisation more in Licensing costs, Infrastructure costs, man/hours in other areas (such as in developer or infrastructure team’s time.

Now not all mid-sized organisations have these problems. However a DBA being a specialist and being in-between developers and infrastructure guys, this DBA department (or person) could possibly be the bottleneck.

A possible answer…

Firstly, a Health check of the Data Platform could independently determine if the Processes used, Backup and Infrastructure is sufficient and help identify the cost impact of your Data platform and DBA function.

Secondly, our DBA Managed Service will ensure the maintenance of a standardised environment – including documenting and logging incidents, problem and change control measure to ensure easy integration into an IT operation.

DSP’s Managed Service will provide the People with the right skills, the Process to ensure ongoing continuity and visibility and the technology to pro-actively monitor and report on the data platform transparently.

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