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Who is a Database Managed Service for?

Every organisation no matter the size, will hold some form of mission critical data that is vital to the day-to-day running of their business. From large multinational banking firms to small independent software vendors, all have a requirement to access and manage data in order to operate.

A Database Managed Service is ideal for businesses that:

  • Has recurring application and database performance issues.
  • Has high in-house DBA costs and are looking to reduce head count.
  • Requires their in-house DBA’s to focus on innovation and development as opposed to daily maintenance.
  • Is struggling to employ highly skilled DBA’s.
  • Needs DBA cover during times of sickness or holiday.
  • Requires a first and second line help desk and resolution centre.
  • Would benefit from 27*4 monitoring and alerting.
  • Needs to enhance or compliment the skillset of their current in-house IT team.


If your organisation is in need of any of the above requirements, please ask to speak to one of our account managers.


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