Things to consider for a successful database consolidation project

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 14:30:58

Things to consider for a successful database consolidation project

Database consolidation can be a very large and complicated procedure, so one of our database consultants has written a few things to always consider, when planning a successful database consolidation project:
• Remember that a consolidation project will happen in multiple stages - It is not an overnight process, more than likely it will be completed over the course of two years.

• Pick your target platform - Whether it is Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or Oracle Database 12c, all applications must support the target platform. The teams responsible for the applications must do the work to ensure that there will be no major problems post-consolidation.

• Don’t worry any older applications and their servers containing instances and databases that do not support the target platform can be virtualized.

• Post-consolidation, all databases for new in-house developed applications must be designed with and deployed into the consolidated environment

• After the consolidation you should save 30% in physical costs for running the physical servers – to help reach the goal aim to reduce the use of physical servers over the next year by 25% to reduce cost and management issues.

• The above will help you to realise the return on the investment (ROI) in the consolidation project within 3 years.

• Remember to send all administrators on to training courses within 12 months, as it is vital they receive proper training for the new consolidated environment.

• The Consolidation project should always follow your company’s Green IT initiative.

For more information on consolidation read our White paper here.