Top 10 tips for user acceptance testing for EBS implementations.

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 16:04:49

Top 10 tips for user acceptance testing for EBS implementations.

What happens as a result of rushed, incomplete, badly scoped, badly planned testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)? We all know the answer to that!

Let’s start with the basics: UAT is not the requirement gathering phase. Don’t laugh, we’ve all witnessed it. Tragically sometimes it’s not just weak control. A user who should have been key to the design phase is finally invited (or has finally freed their calendar?) to participate and throws in a complete show stopper.

So today we thought to share our top ten rules to a successful UAT for
E-Business Suite R12 implementations.

1. Ensure the build is complete first and the unit testing is decent
2. Ensure interfaces are working and sample data sources are available
3. Ensure reports are ready
4. Ensure correct users are identified
5. Ensure users are hand held to devise their test scripts
6. Ensure users are trained sufficiently in system usage prior to testing
7. Ensure users are allocated the time to perform UAT and are supported throughout
8. Ensure agreement is reached on issue prioritisation, resolution, timeline and ownership
9. Ensure there is ample time allowed to respond to issue findings
10. Ensure users see the resolutions