The top three challenges to an EBS upgrade!

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 16:02:05

The top 3 challenges to an EBS upgrade!

If you are planning to upgrade your E-Business Suite to R12, you have to understand the challenges and risks you will have to overcome to avoid any costly errors.

There has been a survey conducted Europe and North America asking IT and System Managers to rank the various challenges associated with an EBS R12 upgrade.

The top 3 challenges according to the results are:

1. Estimation of Cost and Effort
2. Justification of Cost
3. Analysis of Impact

As you can see the main issues with an EBS upgrade lie in the planning and justification stages. To overcome these issues the following simple steps are recommended:

a) Build a Business Case
You need to build strong justification. It is recommended to list all the reasons to upgrade your EBS and assess their business value. This gives an idea of the value the project will bring to the business and if there is poor justification do not continue.

b) Work out Budget and Effort
If you do an upgrade simulation it will be able to quickly and accurately the impact, effort and cost of the EBS upgrade. The simulation can also highlight opportunities to remove redundant modules and customisation simplifying the upgrade process

c) Analysis of Impact
With the upgrade simulation it will provide you with detailed analysis of the upgrade on all your customisations, modifications and extensions. It should highlight what will not work and how to fix it and what areas you will need to test.

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