The future of relational database management systems!

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 11:58:32

The future of relational database management systems!

One of our Microsoft SQL Server consultants talks to us about the future of database management systems and why we should all be thinking about cloud based technologies and virtualisation:

“The future of relational database management systems is the cloud. More importantly it is the utilisation of virtualisation.
Although cloud based technologies seem a huge initial investment, however when scaled over a number of years, the return on investment will prove to be very beneficial.

The utilisation of superior hardware and high availability, included in SQL Server 2012 (Always On), will ensure absolute minimal downtime and service uptime availability, especially with business critical Tier 1 systems. Increased uptime means increased access to your critical data leading to increased revenue.

Virtualisation can dramatically reduce the number of physical servers and SQL Server instance footprints, allowing cost savings through reducing the amount of administrative work, resources and costs of managing multiple physical servers.

Freeing up resources used to keep the current environment ticking along will allow your resources to focus on your core business activities, design and implementation creating a more beneficial team to increasing revenue.

All the above will allow for innovative strategies for IT to help the business increase its bottom line, allowing IT to completely integrate within the business, and pushing innovations to drive and motivate the business forward.”