Top 5 things CIOs need to know about database upgrades

Database consolidation and upgrades are often overlooked because it just seems too difficult or expensive. The database layer however, is one area which can deliver significant benefits including license cost savings of upto 80%, as well as greatly reducing administration overhead.

So this week we asked our MD - Dev Nayak, what top 5 things CIOs and IT leaders need to know about database upgrades. Here's what he had to say…

  1. Don’t just lift and shift - this rarely creates value.
  2. Upgrade to solve a business problem not a technical problem. Once you have decided to upgrade, makes sure the project is focused on the business problem not just the technology refresh.
  3. Cloud, Consolidation, Virtualisation, and Software as a Service have all transformed IT. Make sure you apply these lessons to your database estate upgrade.
  4. Databases hold one of the company's most valued assets - its information. If you are not upgrading or investing in this, ask if are you leaving competitive advantage on the table.
  5. A database upgrade can be used to leverage the investment you have already made in the rest of your IT estate, e.g. newdisaster recovery features in storage, performance and capacity features in Servers, Security features in the network. Ensure you have a joined up strategy across IT and all initiatives are aligned to the company's overall objectives.

Topics: Oracle, Microsoft

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