One of our SQL Server DBAs turns Consultant

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 11:00:09

One of our SQL Server DBAs turns Consultant

One of our SQL Server DBA's talks to us about his first project as the sole DSP consultant…

“As a SQL Server DBA, my role is limited to being technical resource. Whereby I would be the engineer placed to conduct the piece of work, or provide technical advice/assistance for pre sales.

Recently that all changed, whereby I completed a project from start to finish by myself as the only representative from DSP throughout the whole project. Fortunately this client was one I had previously completed a project for, and wanted to work with me again. The process of completing this project consisted of:

• The pre sales call, evaluating the issue and put forward viable technical solutions for the customer to implement.

• Writing up the proposal and statement of work, this document contained a summary of the issue and the work I would have to do to resolve it.

• Complete the work on the customer as per the statement of work.

• Document and handover the environment to the customer.

The customer was very pleased with the work that had been produced, as the results of the project were beyond what the customer had expected, with a performace increase of 80%."

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