Out of Support - Life after SQL Server 2005

wpdsp 01-Mar-2016 09:36:38

Out of Support? Life after SQL Server 2005

This webinar is aimed at companies currently running SQL Server 2005 and earlier. We will be discussing the risks of running unsupported versions of SQL Server, the impact this can have on your business, and the steps users can take to modernising their IT infrastructure.

We will help you to build the business case to modernise your environment this includes:

  • Reducing TCO of your data platform
  • Improving profit margin or reducing costs
  • Increasing customer loyalty / improving service experience
  • Entering new markets or acquiring new customer segments
  • Responding to change in markets or customer needs
  • Modifying commercial business model

Data Platform Modernisation focuses on infrastructure investments that will deliver significant value including performance enhancements with new capabilities (such as High Availability) to your data platform causing minimal or no changes required to application layer.

SQL Server 2005 End of Support

1 in 6 Windows Server Upgrades will be slowed down by the fact that your SQL Server 2005 End of Support is coming up shortly.