Oracle SE2 Licensing Made Easy

wpdsp 01-Mar-2016 09:30:18

Oracle SE2 Licensing Made Easy

With the release of Oracle SE2 comes new challenges especially that of reduced processing power and the impact this can have on your Oracle Licensing.

This webinar is aimed at those companies currently running Oracle standard edition (SE) and Oracle Standard Edition One (SE1). Oracle and dsp we will be giving a joint presentation with first-hand experience how the release of Oracle SE2 changes the playing field. We will also be looking at the implications this can have on application management and how successfully avoid Oracle license increases.

Essentially, the webinar will be giving impartial ‘specialist insight’ on all options available to companies running SE and SE1 and how this can be applied to your IT roadmap.

The key learning’s from this webinar will be to deliver an understanding into the financial impacts of SE2 and how to turn this into a positive outcome.