Microsoft Voucher and POC Funding – Go on treat yourself with a Pot of Microsoft’s Money

Jon Cowling 05-Feb-2016 17:25:12

Microsoft Voucher and POC Funding – Go on treat yourself with a Pot of Microsoft’s Money

Organisations that are running SQL Server Estates could be missing out on funding handed out by our good friends at Microsoft.
Adoption and continual use of Microsoft’s ever growing applications and technology products is a key focus and business driver, to keep the shareholders and markets happy.

As a result (if you know where to look) environments using Microsoft as tier one solutions especially around the Data Platform can apply for a range of funding to help crystallise strategy and define a roadmap for a range of topics. These include:

• Upgrades to the later versions of SQL Server 2012 and 2014
• Consolidation, Virtualisation and Modernisation programs
• Moving Non and Full Production Services to the Azure Cloud
• Performance, Architecture, DR and Health Check Reviews

As a fully pledged and paid up Gold Data Platform Partner, DSP are able to co-ordinate and organise applications and transaction of Voucher days for those organisations that qualify.

In legacy estates of SQL Server 2008r2 and below, we have witnessed significant reduction of operational costs and licence expense through the ability to consolidate and modernise.

dsp have invested heavily in creating a methodology to deliver the vouchers days and/or Proof of Concept projects. This includes meeting the criteria stipulated by Microsoft to enable free at the point of delivery resources for these projects.

Typically exercises range from 5 or 10 days with Proof of Concept funding equating to 5 to 15 days depending on the size of the estate. There is also the option for Azure funding allowing organisations to try out development and test environments before moving to either full production loads or pushing all non-production servers in to the cloud. Typical savings for moving development and test is two thirds operational cost savings by using the ability to switch off these environments in out of hour periods. This means not only is the funding free but could prove that significant savings could be realised.

There are always terms and conditions that apply, however DSP, being an award winning Microsoft partner, has grasped this prickly nettle and now we are pretty apt and navigating the application and paperwork processes so your involvement is not too onerous and success is loaded in your favour.

For further information please contact your DSP representative or click here. The first stage is a quick call to ascertain your suitability for the Funding or Vouchers and then if you are happy to proceed we start the engagement process with Microsoft.

Happy Spending People.