A Letter to dsp from Microsoft's Corporate VP Phil Sorgen

Jon Cowling 05-Feb-2016 16:43:46

A Letter to DSP from Microsoft’s Corporate VP Phil Sorgen

DSP received a letter from the Corporate Vice President of the World Wide Partner Group of Microsoft, Phil Sorgen this week, he is one of the top executives globally within Microsoft. In the letter he presented us our Certificate which proudly recognises dsp as Microsoft Data Platform Partner of the Year Finalist.

Remember dsp were selected from 4000 entries to be a finalist. And we have achieved this status for 3 years running. So it really is something for us all at dsp are extremely proud of.

In the letter Phil Sorgen says:

"As a finalist, your company demostrated significant customer impact, solution innovation, speed-to-market, deployment, and utilization of advanced features. This extraordinary accomplishment can provide your company new business opportunities and increased visibility in the industry and markets you serve."

And he is right. Our submission was based on the Microsoft SQL cloud platform for a well known Charity and that’s exactly what the team demonstrated and now this reference is leading to new business opportunities for us.

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