Our Financial Director writes a letter to his younger self

Jon Cowling 11-Feb-2016 16:51:23

Our Financial Director writes a letter to his younger self

Not that long ago DSP's Finance Director Tuhel Alom was a young man starting to make an impact on his career. So we asked Tuhel to write a letter to his younger self sharing his advice and experiences … here is what he had to say …


Dear Tuhel,

First things first enjoy the hair! It doesn’t last … Maybe wear less baseball caps, let it breathe it might hang around a bit longer.

I know you are working three jobs, but don’t overdo it. Use the time wisely get some training and academic qualifications under your belt, these will help you out a lot in the future.

You know the interview you have with the Investment Banking division at work… Wear a suit ... please. Jobs in investment banking are very financially lucrative, ok you might not have many friends in the current climate, but I could be retired on a beach somewhere by now.

I know you are loud and cheeky, but remember, not everyone thinks you’re funny. Some people might find you offensive so learn to control the cheekiness, but it does help to break the ice.

You are overly confident and I know you think you could do no wrong and that everything that comes out of your mouth is pure genius – YOU ARE NOT A GENIUS! Get over yourself. Have confidence in yourself just don’t overdo it.

In general, carry on with the open and honest approach. The hard work ethic will stand you in good stead for the future. Keep going over and above the call of duty.

I know you don’t think too much about the future but let me reassure you. You will meet some amazing people and you will be lucky enough to work with people who foster the positive work attitude you already have, enjoy every minute of it!

Also please buy the house now! Don’t wait

Oh one more thing….. Can you learn to cook please? I’m starving!