5 Key points when writing an IT investment proposal

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 16:15:52

5 Key points when writing an IT investment proposal

Today we’re asking Tuhel Alom – our very own FD, what it takes to write a winning technology proposal to ensure your CFO becomes the champion for your technology initiative and not the show stopper.

As mentioned in ‘Is your CFO not convinced about your IT investment?, the main point to consider when writing your proposal is to align your initiative with the company’s strategy. Your CFO will be aligned to this strategy and he would have set out the budget, forecasts, liquidity to this strategy and if investment does not have a positive impact or there is no direct link between your proposed technology investment and the company’s top level objective, you will have a tough time convincing the CFO. Get a well thought out and robust proposal together so that the CFO can become a champion for your vision and incorporate into the wider strategy.

The 5 key points to remember when putting together your proposal:

• Do your homework! What do you have right now and what do you need to help the business achieve its goals? Is it a SQL Server modernisation or SQL Server consolidation project, or both?

• How much will it cost and how will it be funded? Is it CAPEX or OPEX spend? Always provide financing options. The CFO will likely have their own ideas about financing but your options could help in their choice. In most cases there will be significant cost savings to be made, but it can also mean less manpower.

• Do you have the people resource required for the technology investment? Do you have the on-going resources to support the system once the project is complete? Will it mean less manpower for other tasks?

• What will it mean to Management? More information? Better information? Quicker information? Less risk?

• How does it fit into the make-up of the business? Does it compliment? Does it enhance? Does it impact the capital structure? Again, always remember to align initiatives with the overall business objectives.