Our Oracle Developers will do anything for a Curry!

One of our Oracle Solution Consultants tells us what he’s been up to …
“Of all the customers on my New Account List, one retail giant stood out and filled me with an undercurrent of dread. The company used to run a rival football club to the one I support, which does leave a bad taste in my mouth. However they have now taken over a different club, who at least wear the right colours, so it’s a step in the right direction.
So what have I done for them lately baby?
I reworked their Managed Services Proposal so that we can help support their strategic SOA Platform (even read up on the SOA section of the Oracle Web Site) I now know the Words but not necessarily in the right order.

On the premise that Nils (Our Custom Development Practice Head at dsp) would receive a £150 voucher for the certain retail store, a Chicken Madras curry and a 2 night credit for babysitting. I coerced, arm twisted, threatened to play Deep Purple and said “if he didn't help, the Oracle development world would collapse in to that which is COBOL.”

Screaming in fear of a future of darkness and the impending programming nightmare he set about at the weekend downloading the retail stores back catalogue and then Oracle JDeveloper Suite which started uploading at 3.30 am (hence the baby siting vouchers) in the morning and by 10.30 he had a fully working Java container, Wow Wow Wee Waa.
We can meet with and talk knowledgeably about SOA, BPEL, BAM and Service Buses like the best of them and when successful, Nils will get an evening out, his Madras Curry and Xmas Reindeer Pants with the glowing red nose.”

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