Oracle Term License Rules Have Changed

Adam Hopkins 19-Nov-2020 14:27:16

Oracle Term License

Previously it was possible to license both Oracle technologies and applications for a multi-year term period. These were ideal for limited timeline projects, to match a specific contract period, or where budget was limited. However, as of September 2020, Oracle have changed their term license rules. In light of these rule changes, below is an overview of currently available options.

Oracle Technologies Licensing

If licensing Oracle technology, there are two options.

Firstly, the option of  a 1-year term license remains – as it is only multi-year term licenses that are no longer available for Oracle technologies – though it would now be subject to Oracle approval.  Purchasing a 1-year term license is still a good choice for projects expected to complete within the year or where initial budget is limited.

Alternatively, you would need a perpetual license. A perpetual license is an outright ownership license with no requirement for renewal. It is a good choice for licensing environments where the system will remain in place long-term or indeed any time the 1-year term license is inappropriate.

Oracle Application Licensing

When it comes to licensing Oracle applications, term licenses are no longer available at all. The only option is a perpetual license which, as above, is outright ownership meaning no renewal.

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