5 Reasons to Hire Half a DBA

Vic Milne 20-Nov-2020 14:55:45

Why flexible resourcing may be your new best friend.

Your business is constantly evolving and growing, yet alongside the additional work that business expansion may incur for your DBAs, they need to stay on top of the same business-as-usual tasks that keep the lights on and your databases secure and compliant.

Whether you need to cover absence or illness, bring in extra hands to tackle seasonal peaks and troughs, or you require specialist knowledge on a temporary basis, hiring ‘half a DBA’ could be the optimal solution for your company.

Flexible resourcing has every reason to become your new favourite investment; hiring a fractional remote DBA will provide you with cover and specialist knowledge when you need it, while relieving pressure from your core team (and without costing you an arm and a leg).

Here are DSP’s top 5 reasons to hire Half a DBA...

1. Improve System Maintenance

To avoid operational issues within your system, proactive maintenance is a necessity. Tasks such as staying on top of updates and applying patches are vital to the reliability and security of your databases, but they can become tedious when your core DBAs are also faced with pressing short-term issues.

Hiring a fractional DBA will ensure these jobs are maintained to a high standard, regardless of temporary disruptions, seasonal challenges, or requirements to take on new technologies that fall outside of your core team’s skill-set.

2. Provide Round-the-Clock Coverage

No matter the strength of your DBA team, everybody needs a day off now and again. To account for annual leave or illness - and especially to ensure that your databases remain highly performant during peak seasonal times - hiring a fractional DBA is the obvious answer.

3. Off-Peak Back-Ups, Diagnostics, and Tuning

In a similar vein, a remote DBA can perform essential maintenance tasks such as backups, diagnostics, and tuning while your core DBAs are off-duty. Re-allocating these mundane yet crucial tasks to off-peak hours optimises your system, and ensures the best possible use of your team's time and resources.

4. Support Your Staff

Increased responsibility for managing instances across various platforms can put pressure on your in-house DBAs. Stretching your DBAs too thin is a commonly occurring issue within SMEs, but hiring a fractional DBA can help prevent burnout, reduce staff turnover, and increase job satisfaction amongst your core team.

5. Reduce Costs

DSP pride ourselves on providing our clients with the same quality coverage they expect from hiring a full-time DBA, at a fraction of the cost. Hiring 'half a DBA' would be the optimal use of your resources; we guarantee around-the-clock support, along with improved quality, flexibility, and a skill-set catered to your needs, all at a greatly reduced cost.

Our Managed Service offerings, implemented by a team of highly certified database experts, can help you to operate, manage and maintain your environment.

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