Everything you need to know about G Cloud 11...

Vic Milne 03-Jul-2019 10:07:51

DSP-Explorer are selling through G Cloud 11!


As of July 2nd, DSP-Explorer are eligible to sell our services on the latest manifestation of the Government framework G Cloud 11.

Our updated services, which are listed under both the Cloud Hosting and Cloud Support service sections, encompass our Oracle and Microsoft offerings as well as our varied Managed Services.  Our services are easy to find, clearly described, and only a few clicks away.


What is it?

G Cloud is a framework within the Digital Marketplace, the latest version of which is G Cloud 11. Government frameworks are, to quote the Gov.co.uk website:

‘Agreements between the government and suppliers… Buying services through frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.’

A contract is still signed between the parties when a deal is stuck via a framework, but frameworks are far easier to work with for Public Sector organisations.  In a nutshell, G Cloud makes it simpler, quicker, and cheaper for public sector organisations to buy their Cloud services.


Why is it a big deal?

For Public Sector organisations, G Cloud is a vital source of information through which they can find the right suppliers to fulfil their Cloud needs.  Selling on G Cloud therefore presents IT companies with a huge number of potential customers, and said potential customers with a comprehensive pool of suppliers to choose from.  It’s a mutually beneficial cycle.

G Cloud 11 has also been reformatted in an effort to make the site more user-friendly, hence the differentiation between Cloud ‘Support’, ‘Hosting’, and ‘Software’.  Suppliers are easily contactable and thorough in the information they provide: if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for Cloud services, your search is over.



One example of the new-and-improved services on DSP-Explorer’s G Cloud 11 framework is our ‘Oracle Cloud Consulting’ option.  It details the service categories that we offer, from consultancy of Backup and Database Recovery to PaaS.

It also specifies our working hours, our user support methods, and our relevant company qualifications, amongst other things.  To gain an idea of the breadth of DSP-Explorer’s services, our website is the place to be – but for a comprehensive guide, all in one place, of HOW we do what we do, G Cloud 11 is the place to turn.


For information about any of our services please visit dsp.co.uk or contact us at enquiries@dsp.co.uk.