Handbags, into the Retail Cloud

Matthew Allsop 12-Oct-2016 14:31:39

As many companies across the UK have already started their journeys into the cloud; the retail sector, for some reason has been slow off the mark. I think it’s got something to do with the mission-critical applications and databases that these businesses rely upon in order to operate. Retail IT decision-makers are perhaps in the frame of mind that moving to the could potentially mean downtime for their IT environments. However, a leading fashion retailer, Anya Hindmarch is paving the way with their recent IT investment; commissioning a hybrid cloud environment in order to reduce costs and increase business growth and productivity.

Dan Orteu, CIO of the high-end handbag retailer said, ‘Anya Hindmarch now has the security and control of an on-premise database without having to invest in additional infrastructure. This move to the retail cloud space has allowed us to take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency that the public cloud offers, whilst fully supporting the businesses IT environment as we go through the seasonal spikes of usage that comes with the retail sector’. He also went on to say that he was confident that this cloud model would meet the demands of the business and support their worldwide usage which spanned over 45 countries.

This type of hybrid cloud environment will allow Anya Hindmarch’s employees to collaborate with their peers across the globe and work together to achieve higher productivity and fuel business growth.

Retail in the cloud is the way forward for this industry, it’s reliable, secure and scalable; information is stored and readily available to all areas of the business; which allows for faster transactions of data; this is coupled with a robust IT environment that’s a disaster recovery solution and the back-up procedure is essential for any retail-based company, and the cost of which is cheaper than an on-premise solution.

Here at DSP be specialise in cloud for retail, we’ve not only migrated current retail clients to the cloud but also managed their data whilst it’s up there. Using our Continuous Maintenance model, our team of Azure, Oracle Cloud and AWS DBA’s constantly monitor and update information within. Our team of Account Managers know the technology like the back of their hands and can walk you through the migration process.

Retail businesses shouldn’t be scared of the cloud, embrace it as did Anya Hindmarch and take your own ‘handbags into the cloud’.

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