5 Benefits of Migrating Your Database to the Cloud

Jon Cowling 27-Sep-2016 16:29:22

5 Benefits of Migrating Your Database to the Cloud

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that you use the Cloud several times a day without even realising. Buying something on Amazon, writing posts on Facebook or just searching for something on Google all involve the use of the Cloud in one way or another.

Consumer buying behaviour has changed, we are constantly browsing the web to find the best deal and price of products, or researching the services that companies offer to fully understand what it is we are potentially signing up for. This change in the customer buying process proves that there are countless reasons to enhance your business, migration to the Cloud is the being beginning of this process.

I took it upon myself to understand the benefits of the cloud so that I could relay these to you; below are 5 quick benefits to why you should enhance your business and migrate to the cloud:

  1. Optimised Costs. As cloud computing is now more cost effective it means that your IT overheads will be reduced significantly, optimising costs as it is more of a pay as you go cost structure; maintenance, software, licensing etc cost are all picked up by the cloud provider meaning your data will be in good hand and at a reduced rate.
  2. For clients who have data that is regularly accessed, the cloud allows you to scale the database up or down in high usage periods to deal with the extra demand.
  3. Faster time to market. Thanks to the Cloud you’ll be able to swiftly move your new/ existing applications straight to market; whereas offline this operation could take days or even weeks.
  4. Due to datacentres now being available within the UK, organisations that must abide by certain legislations and store their data in the country of origin now have the availability to do so. Higher availability coupled with constant database back-up and recovery allows for geo-regional, secure data storage.
  5. Most cloud providers offer 99.9% of consistency and reliability when it comes to data in the cloud. Meaning that their SLA’s are met almost every time and customers can access their data quickly and with confidence that it will be available when needed.

As you can see from this, its doesn’t matter whether you are a multinational organisation or a small start-up, migrating your data to the cloud will defiantly enhance your company!

We pride ourselves in holding the highest accreditation within Microsoft and Oracle; and all of our DBA’s know the cloud and its workings like the back of their hands. This is why we are so confident that you will find benefit from the cloud. Get in touch and we’ll help you kick start your journey to the cloud.