Oracle Cloud – Identifying New COVID-19 Variants

Adam Hopkins May 17, 2021 11:15:15 AM

In the past few months, Oracle Cloud has announced impressive partnerships with F1 team, Red Bull Honda, and the world’s most watched football league, The Premier League. However, their most recent partnership is a real game changer – Oxford University has partnered with Oracle to help identify new COVID-19 variants.

It’s fantastic to see OCI being put to good use to speed up the tracking of COVID-19 variants, which could limit their spread and impact.

You can read more about the Global Pathogen Analysis System (GPAS) which is a combination of Oxford’s Scalable Pathogen Pipeline Platform with the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, here.

At DSP-Explorer we are strong believers in #TechForGood, you can read below a couple of case studies where we have made an impact.

Cochlear Impacts Meets Machine Learning is an example of where we applied Machine Learning technology using Oracle Data Science Services to help detect the settings of Cochlear Implants to reduce the number of appointments needed, while making the implants more comfortable for the patients.

Using Oracle APEX to provide mobile tasking in hospitals for the NHS York Teaching Hospital. Our team of Oracle APEX Developers created a mobile app (iOS & Android) to produce a new tasking system; when a task is logged, a ward Administrator can now see who is on shift and allocate it according to the information provided. Likewise when a task is accepted, the Nurse can see its status and know that help is on the way. This development resulted in a more efficient service for patients and better time management for Doctors.

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