Oracle become Title Partner of Red Bull Racing

Adam Hopkins Feb 9, 2022 5:32:44 PM

We're very excited to see the announcement that Oracle has been named the title partner of Red Bull Racing, subsequently now being known as Oracle Red Bull Racing.

During the live launch video, Christian Horner said "This is Oracle stepping up to become title partner, so we'll become Oracle Red Bull Racing which is tremendously exciting because we get to utilise the suite of tools and specialist services that Oracle has. They're going to help us trackside and they're going to help with our fan engagement programme. It's going to help us with all aspects of what we do... We're delighted with this partnership and excited for what it brings, particularly for the fans and the experience we'll be able to offer."

Ariel Kelman, Oracle CMO said, "What we were really focused on was learning, and trying to understand all the ways that a Formula 1 team need the best technology to win on the track and win as a business so they can be efficient and effective." 

Ariel goes on to explain how they have been using Oracle Cloud to power Race Strategy Simulations. Using OCI the team have been able to run "billions" of simulations for every race weekend to explore the optimal strategy based on what is unique about that race. Oracle will be enhancing that process with Machine Learning to automate parts of a process that were historically quite manual. 

Horner goes on the say that "data is our lifeblood" and that it won't only be used trackside but also to improve fan experience.

It's not just Red Bull that is taking advantage of data, at DSP-Explorer we have supported hundreds of companies on their digital transformation journey. Whether that is making an Oracle Cloud Migration, or using our Data Science Services to enable data-driven decisions. 

We'd like to wish Oracle Red Bull Racing all the best for the upcoming season! If last season is anything to go by, it's going to be a good one! 🏁

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