Oracle Autonomous Database Explained

Isabel Clifton Feb 24, 2022 10:31:30 AM

Oracle's Autonomous Database is one of the greatest recent innovations in the data world, possessing tremendously valuable performance capabilities allowing you to reduce management costs, simplify discovery and enhance performance.  


What is Oracle Autonomous Database?

Oracle Autonomous Database automates cloud-based infrastructure and database administration running on enterprise-proven Exadata infrastructure, it is fully compatible with existing enterprise databases. It automatically scales compute and storage and delivers fast query performance all whilst requiring no database administration. This eliminates all the complexities of running and managing a data warehouse for your business.  

What are the benefits of Oracle Autonomous Database?


This software automatically performs all OS and SYSDBA operations, patches all software online and tunes settings. Oracle Autonomous Database automates all infrastructure and databases, cutting infrastructure costs in half and reducing administration costs for your business. This intelligent automated management takes a load of work off your business leaving you able to focus on more important areas.


Heightened security is never a bad thing! Oracle Autonomous Database protects you from internal and external security threats, encrypting your data as well as automatically applying any security updates online. Sensitive data is hidden from Oracle or customer admins ensuring an incredibly high level of security for your invaluable data. 


Autonomous Database rapidly creates scaleable databases meaning workloads can run up to 600% faster. This can increase business efficiency as you no longer need to allocate labour resources to handle the routine tasks that are associated with data provisioning. 

How can DSP-Explorer help?

We have a Bitesize programme to help you begin your Autonomous Database journey. Our useful 3 step programme helps introduce you to Oracle’s next-generation platform and displays how it can bring value to your business.

Step 1 - Autonomous Database Orientation Workshop
Step 2 - Bitesize deployment as Proof of Concept
Step 3 - Technical support and next steps to Oracle Cloud roadmap

Visit Oracle Autonomous Database – Bitesize for more information on our valuable Bitesize programme.

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