OCI at Oracle CloudWorld 2023 Session Review

Phil Brown Aug 18, 2023 3:17:51 PM

We are back in Las Vegas already! Time flies when you're deploying OCI.

DSP are very much looking forward to Oracle CloudWorld 2023 in Las Vegas. Last year was great, and I'm hoping this year will be bigger and better on all fronts. To get in the mood for Oracle CloudWorld, I always like to look at the content catalogue and reflect on the types of projects we have been working on. So to get us going: 

This is very interesting. Oracle has had a virtual desktop service for some time, which was an on-premises product. Now this has been migrated to OCI I would be really interested to see how it stacks up against Azure Virtual Desktop. The Oracle / Azure interconnect is a primary use case for Azure Virtual Desktop hitting back-end databases in OCI. I'm not familiar with Oracle's virtual desktop offering but now seems like a great chance to check it out.    

As Oracle continues to invest a lot of money in OCI, the best practice and methods to deploy it continue to change. If your OCI knowledge is based on information from three years ago, you definitely need a refresh, whereas if you're new to OCI, then it's probably just a tweak here and there. It's always good to know what's changed, equally, they might hint at what's coming!

Why does it look interesting, it's a use case. Technology for technology's sake is one thing, but seeing how it applies to business is another. This looks super interesting and uses services that I'm not familiar with.   

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