Building a Cloud Stack at Oracle CloudWorld

Phil Brown Sep 18, 2023 3:13:42 PM

There are many ways to start building your session calendar at Oracle CloudWorld, but what about working towards an end-to-end Cloud journey? Here are my recommendations, with the session code included so you can easily add them to your schedule.

How about starting with some reference OCI architectures? These are standard building blocks for many Cloud use cases, and it’s worth checking if someone has already done the heavy lifting for you. 

But, hold on, you’re not really going to hit the buttons in the console to get that done you need to take advantage of Infrastructure as Code. That could be Terraform, which is built into the OCI resource manager, or using other available tools. 

Whichever way you’re going to deploy an OCI stack, you need a user, or possibly several different users. If you’re starting to think about administration users and automation users, you also need to think about end users, internal, external, and maybe federated with Azure. IAM, Identity and Access Management are massive to learn, so why not try this? 

So you have access, a reference architecture and the skill to deploy that architecture quickly and efficiently, but now you’re thinking about moving the data in. When you’re moving that data, it’s best to move into the latest and greatest version, and that couldn’t be easier than a session telling you the easiest way to do it.

There are many more sessions on different ways to build out in OCI; all thriller and no killer. Enjoy!

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