Must See Demos at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

Phil Brown Sep 19, 2023 3:18:50 PM

I love the demo ground at Oracle CloudWorld, I always have. You normally see the premier features of a product via a product manager, i.e. someone who is super passionate about the product itself. That combination always leads to engaging insight and discussion. Here are some demos I will be checking out, which you might like to visit too:

OAC has developed with speed over the last few years. It also supports a commercial user model, meaning you can use all the enterprise features but start out with just a handful of users.

This demo looks interesting; OAC has always done a great job on visualisations and data, but now it’s going to cover generative AI and natural language processing. I’m assuming this will be in a few key areas within the UX, but also the data, therefore I’m keen to see how that’s being applied.

   Hands-on full 360 VR experience using OCI Version Service – yes, please!!!!

Oracle has had a virtual desktop service for some time, but this was an on-premises product, and it didn’t get a huge amount of airtime. We’ve done a lot of work with Azure Virtual Desktop, and it will be interesting to see how this service stacks up. The key will not be so much how it provides the desktop platform, but more around how it integrates with user’s authentication, sharing and downloading files - basically all the things you do when using a desktop but take for granted.

Look out for DSP at CloudWorld, and if you'd like to meet up with us in person, book a meeting using the button below.

See the DSP team at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

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