Database Managed What Now??

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Through this three part series, we will be exploring what exactly Managed Service is and the benefits that your organisation will gain from having such a service in place. We begin today with the question...

What is a Database Managed service?

A database managed service is an outsourced solution that provides trusted pro-active support and management for database environments regardless of whether they are on-site, hybrid or cloud enabled.

dsp achieve this through implementing industry leading monitoring solutions (UIM) that are managed and maintained by teams of Oracle and SQL Server specialists via a front line help desk.

With pre-agreed database thresholds in place, on average we fix 87% of issues without our customers even knowing about it or having any impact on the day-to-day running of their business.

A database managed service allows business and organisation to be more 'IT confident', in the knowledge that some of the best DBA minds in the industry are constantly over-seeing their mission critical database and applications.

Having database support contract in place mitigates the risk of database downtime and application performance issues.

Another key benefit of a database managed service is reduced total cost of ownership. On average, saving up to 75% or £80,000 per annum - when compared to tradition in-house methods.

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