Presentation: A Review of Interactive Grid in APEX 5.1.1

Matt Mulvaney Jun 26, 2017 10:26:49 AM

At the heart of this presentation; I wanted to discover more about what the User and Developer perspectives of this new region type were. For example; I wanted to know if users of all levels would find the functionality of the Interactive Grid to be excellent or overwhelming. Similarly, I wanted to know how the Developer was getting to grips with it and what sorts of things they were finding difficult.

You can find out more on the video below as I review the things I like and the things I dislike about the Interactive Grid. I mention the similarities between this and the Interactive Report and I take a look at what I call the blur between simple and tricky.



I really do like the Interactive Grid; it’s improving with each release – and the wealth of functionality is tremendous. I recommend you perform your own assessment and adopt it where appropriate.



Author: Matt Mulvaney

Job Title: Senior Oracle APEX Development Consultant

Bio: Matt is an experienced APEX solution designer having designed numerous complex systems using a broad range of Oracle Technologies. Building on his previous experience of Oracle Forms & PL/SQL, he is entirely focused on providing functionally rich APEX solutions. Matt promotes APEX as a software platform and openly shares best practises, techniques & approaches. Matt has a passion for excellence and enjoys producing high quality software solutions which provide a real business benefit.