What are the new features of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.12?

Ashleigh Bates 22-Nov-2022 15:40:11

Throughout the year, Oracle has been continuously releasing updates for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). The latest innovation was released on November 18th and provides ongoing applications and technology updates without requiring a major upgrade. This exists alongside Oracle Premier Support for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 which will be available until at least 2033.

Here are the key aspects about the most recent upgrade you need to know, and don’t forget to check out our EBS Services if need advice or support with any aspect of the below:

EBS Enterprise Command Centre Updates (ECC)

The Enterprise Command Centre (ECC) are really helpful dashboards that enable EBS end users to recognise priority transactions and take action without the need for custom operational reporting, empowering the user and reducing the burden on IT. This November, updates have been made to enhance the framework the ECCs sit in and expand the functional scope. This includes a new command centre for General Ledger, bringing the total number of command centres to 34. There are also 6 new dashboards created in existing command centres and 7 track and trace dashboards, with 4 of these focusing on manufacturing.

Product Family Highlights

The following are the key highlights of new and enhanced functionality delivered across the E-Business Suite product families in the November update. If you need help deploying this update, check out our E-Business Suite services and speak to our experts.

  • Property Manager: Lease Versions and Approval Workflow
  • Inventory Management Command Centre (in the November update, the capabilities for management of warehouse labour and physical inventory were expanded)
  • Order Management/Inventory: Returns for Internal Sales Orders (ISOs)
  • Order Management/Inventory: Cancellations for Internal Sales Orders (ISOs)
  • Inventory: Inter-Org Transfers of Consigned Materials
  • Order Management: Archive Sales Orders
  • Project Manufacturing Command Centre (in the November update, the Genealogy & Trace dashboard with a timeline viewer was enhanced
  • Discrete Manufacturing: Dual UOM Support for Assembly and Component Items
  • Process Manufacturing MES: Clearance Instructions
  • Enhanced Quality Management in iSupplier Portal, EAM, and Receiving
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM): Functional Asset Hierarchy
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM): Indoor Maps of Assets in Buildings
  • Service Command Centre: Service History Diagram (in the November update, the ability to search for similar service requests using Notes keywords was added. As well as being able to drill in to see the audit trail for a service request)
  • Human Resources Command Centre

EBS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Customers are increasingly looking to OCI as an efficient and cost-effective model to underpin their EBS application. To help customers move their on-premises EBS environments to OCI, Oracle continues to invest in EBS Cloud Manager and has released additional capabilities throughout the year, which will increase its reliability and the smoothness of the transition. If you need assistance with an Oracle EBS migration to OCI, look at our services and speak to our experts.

We expect to see more updates in 2023, so make sure to follow our LinkedIn page or subscribe to our blogs to be the first to know when they happen. If you want help deploying Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.12, get in touch with our experts today about our EBS R12.2 Upgrades, or book a meeting…

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