Oracle EBS 12.2.13: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Update

Ben Morris 14-Dec-2023 15:17:24
Oracle EBS 12.2.13: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Update

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) has been consistently delivering updates throughout the year, keeping users up to date with the latest applications and technology advancements. The most recent release in November 2023 brings continuous updates without the need for a major upgrade, making it easier than ever to stay current with the latest features and improvements.

Earlier this year, Oracle delivered the EBS Enterprise Command Centers - April 2023 Update, EBS Mobile Release 10.0, and two EBS Cloud Manager Updates: 23.1.1 and 23.2.1.

Release 12.2.13 is cumulative. That means that as well as providing new updates for this release, it also includes updates that were originally made available as one-off patches for earlier 12.2 releases. In addition to providing regular release updates, Oracle has maintained a commitment to long-term
Premier Support for EBS 12.2. As of April 2023, EBS 12.2 Premier Support was extended through to 2034. 

Here are the key aspects of the most recent update you need to know, and don’t forget to check out our EBS Services if you need advice or support with any aspect of the below:

New EBS error correction baseline - 12.2.7

For businesses operating on below Oracle E-Business Suite version 12.2.7, a critical update is on the horizon. The expiration of the new error correction baseline, a vital element in maintaining system integrity and security, is scheduled for July 2024. To ensure continuous support, access to essential patches, and adherence to Oracle's best practices, it is imperative for organisations to upgrade their EBS instances to version 12.2.7 or above. This measure not only protects against potential vulnerabilities but also enables businesses to harness the latest features, security enhancements, and optimisations offered by Oracle as part of their ongoing commitment to EBS.

V11 ECCs

The introduction of V11 ECCs brings a wave of advancements and optimisations to the Oracle E-Business Suite. To deploy the latest ECCs, you do not need to be running one of the more recent versions of 12.2, such as 12.2.13, to see these updates. This restriction underscores the necessity for businesses looking to leverage the benefits of V11 ECCs to align their upgrade plans with the system requirements. By making the transition to EBS 12.2.13, organisations not only unlock the full potential of V11 ECCs but also position themselves to embrace the latest innovations, security enhancements, and performance improvements.

ECC updates in November 2023 added new command centers, new dashboards, and enhanced functional capabilities:

  • New Command Centers
    • Employee Expenses Command Center (Internet Expenses) 
  • New Dashboards
    • General Ledger: Balances
    • Projects: Projects & GL Account Analysis
    • Inventory: Kanban
    • Inventory: Transaction Management
  • Enhanced Functional Capabilities
    • Lease and Finance Management: Enhanced Receipt Application
    • Order Management: Backorder Management
    • Enterprise Asset Management: Enhanced Work Order Timeline

In addition, Oracle enhanced the ECC Framework that is used to develop and modify command centers:

  • ECC Framework
    • ECC Personalization Template (as default OAF Page)
    • Results Table: Local Filters

For more information on the new ECC enhancements, download the guide from Oracle.


Mobile Apps 

There has also been an update to the Oracle Mobile Apps framework, enhancing the way users interact with business processes. It's important to note that you don't need to update to EBS 12.2.13 to benefit from the new mobile apps framework. The update to the Mobile Apps framework serves as a testament to Oracle's commitment to modernisation and improving user experience. In the latest Release 10.0 version, Oracle rewrote the apps with Oracle JET and other technologies to replace the retired Mobile Application Framework (MAF) that was the basis for prior apps versions. Oracle recommend that you transition your EBS mobile apps activities to the Release 10.0 versions. 

We expect to see more updates in 2024, so make sure to follow our LinkedIn page or subscribe to our blogs to be the first to know when they happen. If you want help deploying Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.13, get in touch with our experts today about our EBS R12.2 Upgrades, or book a meeting…


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