We're not just Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server DBAs

Jon Cowling 10-Mar-2015 11:19:00

We’re not just Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server DBAs

Smart, innovative and fun are just some words to describe the company and its employees. Our passion as DSP employees is apparent as soon as you meet us. The expertise and knowledge has helped DSP go global, travelling and experiencing the world to bring the very best to customers. We’re a diverse bunch …
Here are some of our Team Members. As you can see we’re not all about SQL Servers and Oracle Databases:

  The Colouring In Expert

When he’s not colouring in, glittering, sticking, gluing and devising cunning ways to get the DSP name out, Paolo rides around on his Vespa (I know what you’re thinking people – how cool). Growing up he was inspired by Batman – the caped crusader of crime fighting – although now he prefers to dress in Fred Perry (following his stint there a few years back). Oh – and his girlfriend bakes the most amaaaaazing cakes that confuse your brain, seriously check them out here


The LinkedIn Stalker

When Gill isn’t shopping at TK Maxx, our lovely Irish internal recruiter is sabotaging her colleague’s diets. She counts among her duties: non-stop talking on the phone, shopping at TK Maxx (did we mention that already?) and being the most excellent dating adviser. She lights up the office with designer outfits (errr finds from TK Maxx), and expertly stalks people on LinkedIn… her message to all you Java Developers:
I will find you…. And I will hire you…

  The Magician Technician

Tom’s tech powers are so strong that he just needs to be near a computer and it will start behaving! (We know unbelievable right!) He is always on hand to save the day and when he isn’t saving databases from the brink, you will find him at the Emirates cheering on his beloved Arsenal or on the squash court crushing his opponent!

The Pregnant One

A calm blue ocean under pressure, she’s become the official company chief happiness officer. When Jin’s not relentlessly finding and recruiting the bestest geekiest of geeks for DSP, she’s racking up the air miles – Jin is there anywhere in the world you haven’t been? She’ll never be found wearing anything unfashionable and probably is the best dressed pregnant woman we’ve ever come across… Good luck Jin – looking forward to meeting Baby Shah


  The Walking Wiki

Marcus knows everything – seriously EVERYTHING! His attention to detail is second to none and beware, if you ask Marcus a question, he will deliver a 5000 word report on the answer! Marcus loves databases and nothing makes him happier than looking after them, sad or dedicated? We haven’t decided yet. His message to you all – “Give me your database and I promise to be true to it, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love your database and honour it all the days of my life”

The Calculator Crusader

The social butterfly of DSP and expert pub crawl organiser – when she’s not showing off her Excel and mad calculator skills, Chetan enjoys mooching around and exploring London. All she ever wanted as a child was to live on Sesame Street – but now she spends her days in the equally cool Covent Garden. A skill she is particularly proud of is that she can stand on her head for ages and ages and ages…because that’s a really useful skill to have incase …???