Using Oracle Learning Management To Gain Extra Value From Your E-Business Suite

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 16:12:40

Using Oracle learning management to gain extra value from your e-business suite


The Problem

Do you currently have a skilled workforce that works within a highly regulated environment?

Do you currently capture, track and manage your employees’ wide range of certified skills and competencies through use of spreadsheets? How do you ensure that you have captured all the pertinent information and amalgamated these important details? How do you ensure that the correct training is undertaken and on time? Have you missed anything?

Do you need to comply with Health and Safety Regulations? Are the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reviewing your certification and competencies records?

Does any of this resonate with you? If so, then read on….

The Client

A client of ours within the utilities sector has recently gone live with a system which addresses the capture, tracking and management of their employee competency levels. They have a current workforce of 2,000 industrial staff with 600+ technical staff, all of whom require review, training and monitoring. By using the new system, it allows the client to be able to deliver their services in confidence knowing that they comply both with the industry standards and with Government regulations and legislation.

The Solution

The solution is based upon Oracle Learning Management (OLM) which is part of Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) suite of applications. By using a combination of the standard functionality with customisations to address our client’s specific requirements, we have provided a solution that delivers substantial business benefits in comparison with the legacy spreadsheet system.

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